Green Travel Tip – Reusable Cosmetic Containers

Checked baggage fees are an expense for travelers that can really add up. When traveling with carry on luggage, space is a premium and so are the amount of liquids one can bring with them on their trip. We’re big fans of, but we also try to find ways to save money while saving the environment, as well.

Some items that can always be found in my carry on bag are brightly colored reusable TSA friendly liquid containers. I have four in different shades and have labeled them with paint pens. They contain shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, and body wash. Many of the beauty products I use are not available in travel sizes and while I have no problem using hotel amenities, it usually isn’t a good idea for me to use the hotel shampoo/conditioner combo.

These little containers are less than one dollar each, come in a variety of colors and shapes, and are eco-friendly because they are reusable. Walmart’s across the US usually have a dedicated travel size are in the Health and Beauty Aids department, near the pharmacy.

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  1. I love the different colours of these containers, to make sure you don’t mix your shampoo with your conditioner – a mistake I’ve made before. I wonder if they’re available in the UK – I’ve not seen anything similar

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