Travel Humidifier

travel-humidifierI live in a humid area, and when I travel north of Alexandria (Louisiana) or out towards the western side of the US, I always get a nose bleed and cracked skin. The dry air sucks the moisture out of my body and I sometimes wonder if I was mistakenly placed on Mars. Unfortunately, my kids suffer from the same problems and can’t even stay in a campus dorm room without bleeding like a murder occurred. Thank goodness I found this mini humidifier on It works, albeit at a longer rate of time than a normal-size humidifier, but it will do in a pinch.

No longer will your nostrils dry out when you’re at a higher and drier altitude. Just attach a bottle of water, and you are good to go! This nifty gadget is smaller than five inches all the way around and it weighs less than one pound.

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