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Little Palm Island, Florida Keys Private Luxury Escape

I’m a dreamer and can sometimes be found scouring the web and luxury magazines for unbelievable places to visit. Let’s face it, vacations are about getting away from everyday life, and what a better way to take a break during a monotonous day at work than by dreaming of the amazing.When one thinks of a…

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Morning at Manele Bay, Lanai, Hawaii #VisitLanai

One aspect I enjoy about visiting a beach resort is the early mornings, watching the world wake up. Our first morning, after our first day on the island of Lanai was spent on the patio (or lanai) of our room. My husband and I sipped coffee, listening to the waves crash on the shores, the…

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Mama on the Move: Eagle Island, GA

I’m currently hiding out at Eagle Island, GA, a private island located in the inner coastal area of Georgia. This is a unique destination where all your worries and cares can be left behind. As I’m typing this, there is a bald eagle staring at me from her little hideaway in a tree above me….