Family Travel Blogs We Love

We’re always on the lookout for informative and entertaining blogs and websites. Here are a few family travel sites (and other traveling mamas) we like to read:

Bootsnall Family Travel Blog – We all just love Sheila Scarborough, who is a blogging maniac. She’s always been a traveler, growing up in a Navy family and then serving for 23 years herself. She travels with (and without) kids, blogging about the great finds in the travel world. She also blogs for Perceptive Travel. You can find out more about Sheila at her website.’s Family Vacations – I met Teresa Plowright many moons ago in Curacao, a small island off the coast of Venezuela. I’ve been following her site, and now her blog, which offers so much information for traveling families.

The Perrin Post – Wendy Perrin is a traveling mama that spends her time at hotels and resorts with pen and pad in-hand. She offers fun and insightful takes of hotels and destinations in her blog for, where she is employed full time as a Senior Editor, but seems to do so much more. Check out her interview on Write to Travel. Travel Blog – Michele Cheplic is one of’s senior bloggers. She was born in Hilo, Hawaii and spent a few years in broadcast journalism. She now spends her time as a freelancing mom sharing her love of travel.

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  1. Hi Mamas,

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my BootsnAll Family Travel blog….I’d have come by sooner, but Technorati is not indexing very well and I didn’t know I had a link!

    You have a great list here, and I’m off to surf around….

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