Snow in Baton Rouge, LA

Snow Day in South Louisiana
Snow Day in South Louisiana

It rarely snows in south Louisiana, and when it does, we just have small flurries that melt before they hit the ground. Snow is so rare in this part of the Southern US, that schools shut down and people step outside to look in wonder. The snow came down and it was the most I’ve ever seen in my 35 years. Flights into Baton Rouge have been cancelled, and most businesses are closed. I worked all night and drove home passing by unfortunate drivers who couldn’t quite handle their vehicles. Many were scattered in ditches, others just slid all over the road. I finally made it home, only to find that schools are closed also and all the neighbors were out in the street, laughing as the kids threw snowballs.

CajunMama's Snowy Backyard

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  1. Enjoy it while it lasts. I can’t believed it snowed there and I missed it. It’s been a few years since we had snow that actually stuck around for us in LA.

  2. Fun! Of the 14 years I spent in Baton Rouge I remember it snowing once – and it was enough to make a snowman. It was the biggest deal and etched in my memory forever- probably like this will in your kids’. Have fun – snow ball fight!

  3. Our son in Baton Rouge called this morning to say he and his wife and two little girls built an eight foot snowman. The neighbors all took photos by it before it toppled. I live in Idaho.

  4. Boy, what a scene – cars skidding off the roads, etc. I’m guessing it doesn’t stay cold long enough to get the “black ice” that’s dangerous in the more northern regions of our country.

    Out here in my LA (Los Angeles, not Louisiana), people stop and gawk when it RAINS. Heh heh

  5. wow , this is incredible to me . I’m french and my boyfriend lives in Baton rouge , so I’m almost a Louisiana girl now .

  6. What fun. And, to have it snow in December makes the white stuff extra special. Growing up in Atlanta, meant I rarely saw it. Snow days = baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate at my house. If you’ve already decorated be sure to take pictures of Christmas in the snow in Louisiana. You’ll be recording a rare scene.

  7. I actually miss snow. I grew up in NY, where snow was more normal than a morning coffee. We had snow from Oct till May one year! Lake effect, gotta love it! It hasn’t snowed properly in Hungary since three years ago. What is the opposite of El nino? Enjoy your snow!

  8. There has been snow several times in Baton Rouge. In 1981, 2002, and others. I can remember several times when I was in law enforcement being called out due to snow fall and closing of the interstate highway system. It occurs about every ten years or so. The last time was when LSU was playing Ill. Orangeman in the Sugar Bowl. It started snowing about half time and kept on until the end of the game. New Orleans did not get any that year as they were below the freeze line.

  9. Love the pics. I am in Atlanta and we haven’t had snow yet. I think it is pretty on the ground, but don’t like driving in it or the ice. Have fun!

  10. The first snow every year is so magical, but right now I can look out my Wisconsin window and see a shoulder-high snowbank from the plows. Somehow reading about this makes me feel like I do when that firs snow falls here. Thanks for reminding me!

  11. As a former meteorologist, I have to say that really, there’s no such thing as ‘normal’ weather.
    However, when so-called freak weather occurs, you can have a great deal of fun counting the number of times the TV or radio newscaster says ‘unseasonal’ 😀

  12. and here we are allmost 1 year later to the date and it snows agian !!! wat a gourgious mericle

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