Terrazza Angelo restaurant in Taormina, Sicily

A Mediterranean cruise with port stops in Europe is a wonderful introduction to a number of destinations. You get to visit a variety of countries and cities, giving yourself a chance to figure out which destination you’d like to revisit for a longer land stay. During my cruise on the Carnival Magic, we stopped in Messina (Sicily), Italy, which offered a wide variety of port excursions. We opted for Taormina on Your Own, a visit to a medieval town located on Mt. Tauro.

The tour begins with an hour drive from the cruise terminal to the entrance of the town. Yes, we were on a large tour bus, but once we arrived in Taormina we were on our own for a few hours. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Taormina’s cobbled streets and tiny passages found here and there made for an absolutely charming visit.

Cobbled streets of medieval town Taormina

Our small group worked up an appetite from all the walking, so we stopped in Terrazza Angelo for a light lunch and a few glasses of wine.

Terrazza Angelo pizzeria restaurant in Taormina

We ordered pizzas and two pitchers of house wine (one red, one white) while enjoying the atmosphere of sitting on a terrace in Sicily.

Delicious pizza at Terrazzo Angelo restaurant in Taormina

Terrazza Angelo was the perfect place for a relaxing meal while exploring the streets of Taormina. We spent the rest of the afternoon taking in the beautiful views from the town, shopping, and just enjoying the day in Taormina.

Sicilian pastries in window at Taormina
Dining in Taormina
View from Taormina

Website: Terrazzo Angelo

Special thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines for hosting my European cruise on the Carnival Magic and providing this shore excursion. This excursion, Taormina on Your Own can be booked for around $80 per person through the shore excursion desk.

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