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Girlfriend Getaway: The North Shore of Lake Superior

I should start off this story by saying this:  It rained.  And it rained.  And it rained some more.  It got to the point where my best friend and I were feeling concerned: she has three cats, and I have three dogs, and (as we understood it) only two of each would be allowed on…

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Summer Road Trip Stop #4 – Hersheypark and Woodside Cottages

As a travel writer, I go lots of places, and I take my kids with me at least half of the time.  Yes, my two tween daughters are world travelers, but pretty much their favorite place on earth is only about a two hours’ drive from our house – it’s sweet, it’s fun, and it’s…

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Summer Road Trip Family Activity at Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia

Over the two and a half days we were in Charlottesville on our summer family road trip, we mostly just kicked back and relaxed.  Even though the infinity pool at the Clifton Inn kept my daughter pretty busy, I dragged her out a couple of times to check out some of what the town –…