Seen at CES: Robot

I was trying to weave my way through the crowds at CES and stopped to see a large booth of reclining massage chairs lined up in rows with business men taking naps on the show floor. The chairs looked pretty tempting, but I was on a mission – a mission to somehow navigate my way around CES and the LVCC, yet still survive.

A large crowd began to form to my left, blocking my route. I turned to see what the fuss was, only to glimpse a robot entertaining the crowd. I watched the robot interact, but had no idea what it was trying to promote.I thought at first it must be some robot manufacturing company or something. It did grab some attention by CES attendees as seen in the video below. I later saw the booth where the robot was officially stationed. While I still had no idea what the company was about, I did see a website on the arm of the robot –

While having a really expensive robot on the expo hall floor garnered attention and got attendees to stop at the booth, I never actually heard what the product was or what the company was about. I ended up going to the site before posting this to find out that is an e-commerce site for small businesses.

This is my CES perspective, thanks to Nokia.

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