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Sunday Brunch in Las Vegas: Bellagio Fountains Brunch at Jasmine @BellagioLV

I’m a big fan of the Sunday Brunch and love to seek out some of the best venues for this culinary event in whichever city I might happen to be in. A few weeks ago, that setting was Vegas. Las Vegas is a city known not just for gambling establishments, but for world class cuisine. It’s no wonder that there’s a wide variety of Sunday Brunch options to choose from.

A Sunday Brunch is the perfect choice to wind down with friends for a relaxing meal and have a leisurely recap of all the adventures from the weekend. It’s also a romantic setting for couples who have snuck away to Sin City to get away from every day life. I’ve experienced a few Sunday Brunches in Las Vegas, but the Fountains Brunch at Bellagio is by far my favorite.

The Bellagio fountains just before "Bellagio Adagio" begins

The Atmosphere

Located in Jasmine, be sure to request a table with a view of the fountains. This elegant dining room is decorated in bright and airy reds and yellows and overlooks the gardens and fountains. The Chinese artwork (some authentic, some replicated) gracing the walls adds a bit of intrigue to the main dining room which is elegant and stately.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never experienced Jasmine during its normal evening operational hours, but with the bright sunlight shining through the dining room and the buffet line of the finest china and silver, I felt like I had stepped into another era when elegance ruled the day. Yes, the setting is very formal, but that’s what made it such a special meal. If you are dressed casual, you’ll still feel comfortable.

The Service

Our party was immediately seated as we had reservations (which are highly suggested). Our waiter was attentive and everyone decided on adding unlimited Champagne to the experience. The unlimited Champagne option is in addition to the brunch price and the Champagnes range in price and quality. Our glasses were never empty, even after the official closing of the buffet.

The Food

It takes a lot to impress me, but impressed I was. I was impressed by the presentation, the culinary offerings, and the quality of the meal. The shellfish bar was filled with Alaskan Red King Crab, Oysters on the half shell, Jumbo poached shrimp, sushi and nagiri, Scottish smoked salmon, American caviar, and so much more.

Bellagio Fountains Sunday Brunch at Jasmine

The cold table offered a presentation of amuse-bouche spoons hanging artfully with an array of tastes, including Kobe Beef with hearts of palm and miso, Grapefruit mint panna cotta with sriratcha caviar, Lobster profiterol with citrus cream, and oh, so much more. My favorite was the duck terrine and foie gras on brioche and rhubarb compote.

Of course there were so many hot dishes to choose from, including the traditional brunch choice of Eggs Benedict. There were carving stations, an omelet station, and also a soup station.

The coupe de grace for me was when our server led us into the dessert room. The smell of sugary sweets and chocolate overwhelmed my senses and my eyes definitely lit up when I saw the chocolate fondue fountains. Along with the Champagne, I was completely in Heaven. Check out the full menu.

Bellagio Champagne Brunch

My Mama Moment

I have to admit, my heart swelled with happiness when I sat down at the table with my absolutely gorgeous plate, surrounded by the divine elegance of the restaurant, the Champagne that tickled going down my throat, all while watching the fountains of the Bellagio put on their Sunday morning show. It was just one of those moments filled with sunlight, smiles, and an unforgettable memory.

Planning your own Sunday Fountains Brunch at Bellagio

Location: Jasmine at the Bellagio
Hours: 11:00 AM until 2:30 PM
Price: $58/adult $25/children ages 6-12 Children under 6 are free
Reservations: (866) 259-7111

Unlimited Champagne is an additional charge and ranges in price depending upon Champagne selection.

Tip: Be sure to request a table overlooking the fountains for the ultimate experience.

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  1. Las Vegas is known for their buffets. My aunt and uncle vacationed in Las Vegas every year, even when he started to get sick. My uncle had a sweet tooth and loved the pastries. 🙂

  2. Wow, $58/person is a bit more than I’d like to spend for brunch, but the food sounds amazing.. We’re headed out to Vegas later this year, maybe I’ll and convince the hubby to take me there. 🙂

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