Share your Travel Stories with Blurb Mobile App for iPhone

Earlier this week I flew to San Francisco, California to Blurb Headquarters. I not only learned about the current ways to share vacation photos and stories in print, but also a new fun mobile app to share photos, videos, and the memories we all make while on vacation. I’m always on the lookout for mobile travel apps.

It just became available for download and can be installed for free, with limited capability. For $1.99 more, users can unlock the ability to access more themes, add more images, and record longer videos and audio clips. I downloaded the full version of Blurb Mobile this morning as soon as it was available and began to play with it. It only took a few minutes to put together a story using video and photos already on my phone.

To see my Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando story with tips, check it out on Blurb Mobile: My Universal Orlando Blurb Story. Currently, the story cannot be embedded into a website or blog, but may be available for embed in the next few weeks. Blurb Mobile does allow instant sharing on social media sites Twitter and Facebook and allows for emailing from your iPhone.

Blurb Mobile for iPhone

Blurb Mobile is a fun, fast, public or private, way to create stories featuring all your personal media. Using an iPhone and Blurb’s new mobile app, you can easily capture and sequence your photos and videos into short engaging visual stories that can be instantly shared and viewed by friends and family… anywhere, anytime.

  • Quickly create fun visual stories using Blurb Mobile.
  • Import your photos, video and audio assets.
  • Direct access to iPhone’s camera and camera roll.
  • Easy editing of media: rotate, crop, scale, drag and drop sequencing.
  • Attach audio clips to images.
  • Text caption each image.
  • Share a story on Facebook, Twitter, or, eMail.
  • Instantly create and share from a social setting, travel location, a personal moment, or, an important event.
  • Organize your photos and video by stories.
  • Each Blurb story can be tagged for location.
  • Compatible with iPhone’s using iOS 4.0, or later.
  • iPhone 4, 3Gs or 3g.
If you currently own an iPhone, be sure to download the FREE Blurb Mobile app and play around with it. It is pretty easy to use, and if you want to make longer stories or unlock more themes, the premium mobile app is available for $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.
Blurb hosted my overnight visit to San Francisco and compensated me for my time in their office. They did not ask or require me to write about any Blurb products. The Blurb Mobile app was released today and I downloaded it as soon as I woke up. I paid for the premium app download.

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  1. I used the Blurb Mobile app during a week-end get away with my husband. This app was a snap to learn and use. Normally, using my iPhone, I tend to just take photos. This app makes it so easy to add photos, video, text and audio that I found myself thinking about the phone in different ways as far as recording events etc. I felt smart using my smart phone ; – ) I think the sharing side (from phone to phone) would be a great addition. Overall, a very exciting app that I can see using for many different situations related to my life.

  2. It seems like a pretty cool app. I like how it is easynto use. I wish there was a way to embed the stories into web sites. They are already hosting the project. Seems like it wouldn’t be hard to add embedding as an option. I look forward to an iPad version.

  3. This seems like such cool app for people who love to travel and want to keep their memories in tact on the go. So many times you get home and don’t have time to do anything with all your photos.. So it is perfect to be able to get them all squared away while you are still on vacation!

    As an avid Shutterfly user I wonder if they will create a similar app if they have not already? Thanks for sharing!!

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