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We’re fans and users of social media when we travel and a big question we are always asked is how to get assistance or notice from the airline industry. While we recommend using traditional customer service routes for your immediate travel issues, following the various airlines on twitter can give you real-time updates on issues or problems that may affect your upcoming travel plans.

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Here are a few of the popular airlines flying in the US that are on twitter.

@AlaskaAir – Alaska Airlines
@AmericanAir – American Airlines
@BritishAirways – British Airways
@Continental – Continental
@Delta – Delta
@flyfrontier – Frontier Airlines
@JetBlue – JetBlue Twitter Account
@HawaiianAir – Hawaiian Arilines
@SouthwestAir – Southwest Airlines
@SpiritAirlines – Spirit Airlines
@UnitedAirlines – United Airlines
@USAirways – USAirways
@VirginAmerica – Virgin Airlines
@VirginAtlantic – Virgin Atlantic

If you have a specific problem, it is best to follow these accounts and send a DM (direct message) privately to try and get your issue handled. Remember, though, the airline must be following you also to send a private direct message. Most Airline twitter accounts are not manned 24/7 and are for sending out timely updates on the airline itself and aren’t meant to be used to solve customer service issues and customer interaction. I personally think this defeats the purpose of Social Media and like to see airlines that engage followers online. Delta Airlines is one airline that has a dedicated Twitter account for customer service issues – @DeltaAssist. Do you know of other airline accounts like this?

Have you had a positive or negative experience with an airline using social media channels? We’re always interested in what other travelers experience while using social media for travel. Be sure to check out our list of major hotel brands on Twitter. And are you following us on Twitter? Our main Twitter account is @TravelingMamas and my personal Twitter is @CajunMama.

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  1. Hi Susan – First, make sure you are following them. If they don’t follow you back and you need immediate assistance and could not get help through traditional customer service routes, then tweet them an @ reply asking them to follow you so you can send them a DM. If they don’t follow you within a decent amount of time and you see that the account is responding to other Twitterers, then I would tweet the issue to them in the live timeline.

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