Mosquito Repellent

Dear Mosquito -Why do you stay away from everyone else but always feast on me?

We always joke in Louisiana that the mosquito is our state bird. Ha. Ha. If you’ve ever been annoyed by these little biting bugs, you wouldn’t be laughing. They bit you when you’re camping. They bite you when you’re sitting outside fishing. They can bite you anytime you step outside.

Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they can also be deadly.

So what can you do to repel these little suckers? You could try all those aerosol sprays that contain harmful chemicals, but a new item I discovered is Bug Bam! These mosquito repelling bracelets are non-toxic and keep the mosquitoes from attacking the whole family.

Congratulations to Mary a, today’s Festivus winner. You can go outside in style with your family pack of Bug Bam! Bracelets which will keep those teeny tiny blood suckers at bay.

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  1. You can keep the beasties away with megadoses of Vitamin D … over here, there’s a spread called Marmite, which you either love or hate, which contains it in quantity.

    (It’s a yeast extract, a by-product, I believe, of brewing)

    Only thing is … after such a dose, you aren’t nice to be near for quite a while.

    Another method would be to start smoking again … but I’ll never go down that route!

  2. I have heard that putting a fabric softner dryer sheet in your pocket will work, has anyone tried this?

  3. Hmm. Odd to see when people are told of something that actually works, they rant on about some ‘home remedy’ that most often doesn’t. ‘megadoses’ of Vitamin D…marmite (yuck), fabric softener. Good luck with all that! I’m going to save myself the hassle and try the Bug Bam. Thanks.

  4. There’s always somebody in the group that is the mosquito magnet. In most cases, this is me. I find it somewhat hard to believe that wearing something around my wrist will keep the mosquitoes at bay and prevent them from biting me anywhere else, but I’ll try anything! Thanks for the tip!

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