Price Assurance with Orbitz

I really get ticked off when I book an airline ticket, only to find out that the price drops two weeks later. It is so disappointing!

Orbitz, the sponsor of today’s prize, has come up with a solution to this Festivus Grievance. According to Martin Pokulski-Blatz of the Orbitz Traveler Wellness Center, research shows that people enjoy receiving cash. With Orbitz Price Assurance, travelers will get automatic cash refund if the price of their airfare drops.

How does it work? You book your trip on Orbitz somehow keeps track of what you booked, and if another traveler books the same itinerary, at a lower price, up until the day you take your trip, then they will refund $5 to $250 to you. A check is mailed to you 30 days after you complete your trip, but you must cash the check within 90 days.

Now that’s a Feat of Strength!

Orbitz Basket of Goodies
Orbitz Basket of Goodies

Today’s Gift of Festivus is a basket of Orbitz logo items and travel thingies you might need. It includes: Orbitz travel document holder, Orbitz passport holder, DentaBurst, Shine2Go, Orbitz Vitamin C roll, Orbitz notebook, Blistex chapstick, Orbitz handheld massager, Studded compact (given to celebs at the Golden Globes stuff you must lounge), Disney disposable camera, Kleenex tissues, Sheets of stickers, Envirosax, Crazy 8’s deck of cards, Orbitz hat

The winner of this fantabulously awesome basket is Holly P, who left some of her Grievances in our Festivus contest post.

To the rental car company, an upgrade is not a Grand Marquis with 20,000 miles on it.

To the hotel, bottled water should not cost 10.00 no matter where it is from.

To the airline, if you lost my luggage, do not put me up in a 2 star hotel across from a pawn shop and liquor store and expect me to be happy.

Congratulations, Holly P. With this Orbitz Prize Pack, you’ll be getting more than just a fruitcake for Festivus. Remember, we’re giving away a prize each day. Check out all the details here and tell all your friends.

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  1. You want to know what disappoints me?
    As a writer, I have a grievance to air with editors: Answer your doggone mail, will you? Sending carefully crafted queries into cyber space never to be seen again is not the way I planned to spend my golden years.
    As a TV viewer, I have a grievance to air with producers: Knock it off with the reality shows! Not only are you putting fellow writers out of work, you are forcing me to spend prime time writing comments on blogs.
    As a grandma, I have a grievance to air with my children: How come YOUR children don’t know how to say “Thank you?” The gifts I get for grandchildren seem to go into that same space as the queries to editors.

    Well, I feel better now. And, btw, I have a laughing Leprachaun I bought in Ireland last summer that I could give to Desert Mama if she wants a worthless gift.

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