Moving Across America: Be Our Guide! #JourneyToGeorgia

One of the perks of being an Army family is that you never stay anywhere for long.  Eventually Uncle Sam tells you it’s time to head somewhere new, and that’s ok with us!  We enjoy change and love moving to new places.  A new place means new adventures!

Well, that time is upon us now.  In fact, we are already on the road.  We have our stops mapped out to get us from Washington State (our old duty station) to Georgia (our new home), and we’re really excited.  We have already made it to our first real stop, Lake Tahoe, and can’t wait for a fun day of hiking and outdoor fun.

We would LOVE for everyone to offer up suggestions and advice for our trip!  Although we have been to a few of these places already, many of them are new to us.  We want to hear from YOU.  Where should we eat?  What sites are not to be missed?  What’s unique and fun about these places?  Please tell us what you love about these cities; we think it would be fun to let someone else show us around, so to speak.

Here are our stops:

South Lake Tahoe, CA (already here!)

Las Vegas, NV (we have been here a few times but there is always something new to discover)

Salina, UT (to visit a friend)

Denver, CO

Kansas City, MO

St. Louis, MO

Memphis, TN

Just a little about our family to help you guide us:

We have 2 kids (our son is 9 and our daughter is 7).

We are very adventurous and are always up for the unusual, but we also love the ultra-touristy fun stuff too.

We are on a budget; we like a balance of inexpensive mixed with the occasional splurge.

We LOVE food; in fact, my husband pays more attention to where we eat than what we see.  I’m the opposite, so we make a good travel team.

Other than that, anything goes!  Your suggestion might even be featured in an upcoming blog post.

Let’s have an adventure together!

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  1. Memphis
    Pink Palace Museum (free summer membership on website)
    Mud Island free (bring a plastic boat to float in river replica)
    Civil Rights Museum
    Peabody Hotel (ducks march at 11 and 4:30) free
    We love Kooky Canuck to eat (man vs food challenge)
    Tweet me and I will come up with more if need be.

  2. Lanette those are all great ideas! Mud Island looks like fun, and we love museums too. I have heard about the ducks from others as well, so I think we will definitely make an effort to see that 🙂 (and thanks for all the FREE ideas!)

    Mo we enjoy moving, but it can be a stressful time too. We try very hard to make it fun and exciting because it can really be exhausting if you don’t keep a positive attitude. LOL

  3. Ohhh a concert! I’ll have to look into that, thanks! I’ll look into the park as well.

  4. We loved Kansas City :). Sadly we couldn’t stop in Memphis after all due to time constraints, but I’m hoping to visit there someday soon. Working on the story of our journey now!

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