Urban Chic Luxury Hotel Sofitel So Bangkok

Bangkok is a truly international city where East meets West and ancient meets contemporary. During my exploration of Thailand, I spent my last night’s respite at Sofitel So Bangkok, a new urban chic property full of fashion, design, and all things hip and upscale.

Before visiting Thailand, I knew my itinerary and had a peek of the hotel online, but I have to admit, I was completely unprepared for this luxury hotel’s sense of style. I felt like I had stepped into the pages of a fashion magazine where I was an observer of a major production.

The Sofitel So Bangkok is a culmination of theatrical flair, folklore, and fantasy. It’s a beautiful way to imagine a hotel. It makes the stay not just a place to sleep, but an experience in itself. Add to this all the technology one can even imagine in a hotel room and it’s a dream!

Sofitel So Bangkok-Exterior

The Tree of Life

The signature design of Sofitel So Bangkok is The Tree of Life, an ancient symbol of nature, immortality, and the center of all being. It was designed by Monsieur Christian Lacroix into a powerful ‘Neo Arbre de Vie’, an Asian-inspired contemporary take on an ancient motif.


Upon arrival to the Sofitel So Bangkok, we were greeted by a young man in a contemporary version of traditional Thai clothing. His hair was spiked and gelled and I immediately felt like a celebrity. We were whisked to the ninth floor Park Lobby where a DJ was spinning tunes and I was led to a comfortable lounge sofa for a refreshing drink during the checkin process. All the reception area team members were in various forms of Thai fashion with a twist. It was magical.

Greeted at Sofitel So Bangkok by fashionable bell boy

The Rooms

Sofitel So Bangkok is created around five elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, and Metal. The fire theme is reserved for the dining venues with the remainder of the themes being used in the various room designs. Each theme is by a different designer, making this the most fashionable hotel I’ve ever had the chance to experience.

Wood – My room was based on the wood element with undertones of elegance and tranquility. Designed by architect and artist Nithi Sthapitanonda, it’s a soft blend of creams, glass, and light wood along with a silk backdrop of Old Siam. Here are some photos of my room, which I didn’t want to leave. It was an urban retreat that was truly calming in the middle of a bustling city. And my view of Lumpini Park just outside my window made the experience even that much more calming.

Wood themed room at Sofitel So Bangkok
Wood themed bathroom at Sofitel So Bangkok

Water – Sophistication and calm is the theme of this Pongthep Sagulku designed room. It was stunning, especially with the floor to ceiling glass walls and large soaking tub with city view.

Bed in Water themed room at Sofitel So Bangkok
Water themed room at Sofitel So Bangkok

Earth – Vitoon Kunalungkarn brings wonder and enrichment to this calming haven of cobalt blue and airy tranquil design. I could feel Mother Nature everywhere and have to admit this was one of my favorite rooms.

Earth themed room at Sofitel So Bangkok
Bathroom in Earth themed room at Sofitel So Bangkok

Metal – Frosted glass on black that opens to a room of brilliant white sets the stage for this Somchai Jongsaeng room of purity and modernity. The room felt still. That’s the only way to describe it. Peace and stillness.

Metal themed room at Sofitel So Bangkok
Bath in Metal themed room at Sofitel So Bangkok


Fire is a fitting theme for Red Oven, the signature restaurant at Sofitel So Bangkok. Designed by Rujiraporn Wanglee, it’s a global market of fine cuisine located on the seventh floor. The contemporary chic design has various seating areas with their own personalities and are located with different live cooking stations, including a Japanese robotayaki bar and a fresh seafood bar. At the heart of the restaurant is the namesake Moltini ‘Red Oven’ setting the centerpiece for this dining venue.

Red Oven restaurant at Sofitel So Bangkok

The Spa

So Spa is based off the Asian folktale Himmapan, bringing a mythical enchantment to this relaxation area. Each of the seven treatment rooms is linked to the Seven Heavenly Ponds. I had the pleasure of spending some time enjoying a 30 minute relaxing foot massage, one of the perks of being part of the Signature Club. Afterwards I sat in the relaxation area sipping tea and eating chocolates, sighing with a blissful feeling of contentment.

Foot massage stations at So Spa Sofitel So Bangkok

My Mama Moment

Champagne at Sofitel So Bangkok

Since this was my last night in Thailand and I had yet to partake in a glass of bubbly, I thought it fitting to sip a glass of Champagne in my room while overlooking the city lights of Bangkok at night. I reminisced about trips past, the week of adventure I just had with elephants and monks and Bangkok’s nightlife, and my next trip that was just around the corner.

Special thanks to Sofitel So Bangkok for hosting my stay and to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for providing my Thailand adventure. For more information, visit Sofitel So Bangkok and Tourism Authority of Thailand websites.

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