Video: Four-year-old boy discusses airport security

My friend and fellow Gadling contributor Heather Poole has posted a great video for all you moms out there getting ready to take young children to the airport this holiday season.

In the video, a very cute 4-year-old boy discusses his experiences with airport security in the “Fifty-hundred” times he has been to the airport. He’s obviously a veteran traveler, and what he has to say about airport security procedures is funny, and yet very accurate.

I recommend showing this video to your kids. It should help put them at ease about what they might encounter at airport security, and it will certainly help them know what to expect.

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube.

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  1. I’m curious what the next video–after he went thru the new screening procedures–looks like. Particularly hard is knowing how to explain that “stranger danger” suddenly doesn’t apply. My son has been told most of his life to hit & kick like crazy, scream for attention & run if anyone touches him in certain spots.

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