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Mardi Gras Mambo

It’s Mardi Gras and that means beads, king cakes, a Louisiana state holiday, and the Mardi Gras Mambo. Mardi Gras is a special time here in my state and all along the Gulf Coast. Alabama may have had the first Mardi Gras but Louisiana made it big.

Each city and town around the south that celebrates Mardi Gras has its own traditions and spin on the Fat Tuesday indulgence. If I tried to list every city that celebrates Mardi Gras, I’d have to write a book, not a blog post. If you know of something good I’ve missed, please be sure to leave a comment so readers don’t miss it.

I’ve been doing the mambo around the house, around TravelingMamas.com, and around the interwebs searching for all things Carnival Season to share with you.

The Basics – Before you get started, you should familiarize yourself with local customs and rules regarding parades, parties, and all the good stuff. I’ve put together some rules for Mardi Gras and tips for attending Mardi Gras parades.

Mardi Gras Ladders

Behind the Scenes – I’ve been fortunate enough to see the inside of the Rex Den a few years ago, the home of the Krewe of Rex in New Orleans. I’ve also gone deeper into the secret world of Mardi Gras krewes and joined Baton Rouge’s only all female krewe – Artemis. Last year, I learned just how much it costs to ride in a Mardi Gras parade. It was fun to ride in the parade and share the experience with ThemeparkMom.

The Fun Stuff – Carnival Season goes on for weeks, with soirees and parties leading up to the two weeks of parades. Even our canine friends have their own parades, like the Krewe of Barkus in New Orleans. Every few years I get invited to the most amazing Mardi Gras experience on St. Charles (Thanks, Kevin!). Last year I was able to share the experience with Peter Shankman and MommyMusings, thanks to the gracious hospitality of Kevin Kelly, owner of Houmas House, and Tom Martin, new media marketer who came up with the My Mardi Gras Experience project. It was a wonderful opportunity to share my state of Louisiana with friends from out of town.

Courir de Mardi Gras, Mamou

The King Cake – Where do I begin? I love Mardi Gras and the season of King Cake. They’re everywhere. On my kitchen counter. At the office. At gatherings. I’ve been on a quest for the best king cake and that passion is contagious because MommyMusings has started her own quest for king cake.

I’ve just scratched the surface of all the wonderful Mardi Gras happenings and entertainment to be found. Do you have a Mardi Gras experience of your own to share? I’d love to read about it in the comments as I enjoy a slice of king cake and a fresh brewed cup of Community Coffee.

Laissez les bon temps roulette and happy Mardi Gras! Throw me something!

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