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Saint-Tropez Saturday Market at The Place des Lices

Saturday Market Saint Tropez France spicesOne Saturday morning, while I was in Saint-Tropez, I ventured for a stoll to the central market. This area is called the Place des Lices and can be a busy area in the summer. I went in search of people watching, specifically the old men playing boules. Instead I discovered the Saturday Market, the place where the locals can grab fresh herbs, spices, and vegetables in a flea market setting.

I ventured across the street into the Place, wary of the many Mercedes, Bentleys, and Ferarris that were parading from around the corner in a steady stream. The Place des Lices was filled with tents and walkways offering the most amazing sights, sounds, and smells. I was so glad I remembered a bit of French from my high school years, because this came in handy at this market, where most of the vendors only spoke the native language.

Walked down the aisles, I noticed the colorful display of spices and the many fresh vegetables laid out on tables.

Vegetables at Saint-Tropez Saturday Market image by Shannon Hurst Lane

A delicious smell tickled my nose, and I followed it around a corner to one of the booths, finding a gorgeous pan of paella in progress.

Paella at Place des Lices Saturday Market Saint-Tropez France image by Shannon Hurst Lane

I continued my stroll, sampling a croque monsieur before getting down to the serious business of shopping. The wind traveled through the market with a gentle breeze, blowing the tablecloths hanging nearby. It was a beautiful sunny day that felt like a dream.

Do you Do you Saint-Tropez?

To learn more about visiting Saint-Tropez in the French Riviera, visit the website of the Tourism Office of Saint-Tropez. Not all information is in English.

Special thanks to Air France, Chateau de La Messardiere, and Donna K. Smith PR for arranging my stay in Saint-Tropez.

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  1. I’m glad you had a few words of French – often the French are resistant to speaking English evern if they know some as they think that you are rude if you don’t make an attempt at their language – and you always need to greet the person with a “Bonjour Madame’ before you say anything else.

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