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Mama on the Move: Girlfriend Getaway at Ripplecove Inn and Spa

I had the pleasure of experiencing a night at Auberge Ripplecove Inn and Spa located on Lake Massawippi after a day of shopping in Quebec’s Eastern Township Region. It is set on 12 private acres on a small peninsula. I was visiting as part of a girlfriend getaway group. When we arrived yesterday evening, I fell in love with the charm of the building. It looked so welcoming and inviting with the snow all around and the light from inside beckoning those of us out side.

I was shown to my room, Number 7, so that I could have a few minutes to change before dinner. Seven is one of my favorite numbers, and that alone excited me, but when the door opened and I stepped inside my home for the night, I gasped. The room was awesome and it made me feel like a rock star queen or a famous novelist who stopped by for a visit. The room’s theme is called City Chic and man, was it chic!

It was dark so I couldn’t see much outside of my window, but for the snow surrounding the Inn, so I changed into something a little dressier for dinner, because the atmosphere of the Ripplecove is that of comfortable elegance. I took a tour around the Inn, as there was still a bit of time before dinner began.

The Ripplecove Inn offers 35 different rooms, each with its own personality. There is even a secluded cabin and a larger house that has bigger suites. Many of the rooms were masculine and some were feminine in décor, but all were gorgeous. No matter which room guests choose (yes, guests pick their rooms during the reservation process), they won’t be disappointed. There is a cozy bar near the dining room, an onsite spa that is right out of the pages of a romance novel, and various other rooms for meetings, small receptions, or just to sit in front of a fireplace reading a book. My stay is during winter, but the Inn was originally built as an upscale fishing lodge that is quite frankly something out of a fairytale.

Dinner was an event that I will always remember. It was just us gals, so we all ended up eating in the kitchen at the Chef’s Table. We participated in the production (but not the cooking) each of us taking turns with the Innkeeper, Michel, and the Sommelier, Patrick, in serving the various courses. We even took a few moments between courses to raid the wine cellar.

Here is the menu of our dinner:

Amuse-Bouche Ripplecove, Atlantic Smoked Salmon enjoyed with Kir Royale au Cassis, North Hatley, Quebec.

Rabbit (Stanstead Farm) Cappollini Onions, Port Wine served with Chardonnay-Seyval, Les Pervenches, Farnham, Quebec 2007

Beef Tenderloin (Ferme Eumatimi) Like a Wellington, Celeriac Puree, Wild Huckleberry served with Cabernet Seyvernyi, Domaine Carone, Lanoraie, Quebec 2008

Everything is Maple served with a Homemade Faiselle Cheese paired with Porto Tawny, 10 years Otima, Warres’s

But the night didn’t end there. A few of us visited the Inn’s hot tub outside in the snow. We giggled and chatted and shared stories of motherhood and womanhood until we could hardly keep our eyes open. I returned to my room to enjoy a hot shower and promptly fell into bed. I woke up this morning with this gorgeous view to look at as I pack my bags for my return back to the US and the real world. From Quebec City’s Winter Carnival to Spa Eastman to this marvelous inn, it was a magical journey throughout Quebec and I can’t wait to share the rest of my adventure of this girlfriend getaway.

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  1. Hey Cajun Mama–lucky number seven for you!
    What a fun getaway THAT was. I was looking around this morning for the maid until I spotted her–in the mirror! P.S.: Is it wrong to drink wine in the daytime? By yourself?!

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