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Foodie Friday: African Stew at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney isn’t just about rides and parks, but about the overall experience and making Disney memories that last a lifetime. One of my personal favorite resorts is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. The onsite restaurant, The Mara, is one of the many quick service dining areas at Walt Disney World. I was looking for something different than the typical burger and fries option. My daughter and I were being escorted around the property by our special guide, Larry. When I voiced the request to see  as much as I could during our limited time at a Walt Disney World Resort, Larry suggested The Mara.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Savannah Viewing Area

We took a walk around Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to take in the atmosphere of the property. Not many people are aware of this, but Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has the largest offering of South African wines in the US. For lunch, I wasn’t searching for an adult beverage at Disney, but I was glad to learn this fact, in case I visit in the future. We toured the interior and then took a step outside to the Savannah viewing area. Fortunately for us, the viewing area was pretty deserted, as everyone was touring the parks around that time of day.

Little CajunMama had a wonderful time walking around the fenced area and learning facts about the animals. All the running around had us working up an appetite, so we headed over to The Mara. Disney had given us a set amount of dining vouchers, so we could learn how Disney’s Free Dining Plan works. It was pretty easy to use. The Mara is one of the restaurants listed on the back of the quick service voucher and meal included an appetizer, entree, dessert, and drink. It was too much food, so I opted for the African Stew and a small dessert.

African Stew quick service dining at Mara Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

African Stew at The Mara is a sweet and savory stew with meat and vegetables. It is served in a bread bowl and full of comfort. I really enjoyed this taste of Africa, even if it was being served in Florida. I did look around and realized that Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge was the perfect setting for multigenerational families where some members can actually find peace and serenity inside Walt Disney World Resort. For lunchtime, there wasn’t a crowd at all and provided a moment for me to recharge myself during a busy visit to learn about Walt Disney World Resorts and the attractions for family vacations.

The Mara is just one of many available quick service dining options at Walt Disney World Resort.

Special thanks to Disney Parks and Resorts for providing the lunch vouchers for this post.

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  1. That stew was awesome! I tried to make a copy version of it when I got home from Animal Kingdom lodge about a week ago. Mine came out good, but not the same.
    I was hoping your article had a recipe! lol
    I hear Disney is cool about giving out recipes, wish I had known that and asked.
    Oh well, cool article, thanks.

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