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Norwegian Spirit : Cagney’s Restaurant

A popular question we get from readers is “What’s included in a cruise?” Fortunately, meals are one of the included items, but not at all restaurants. Cruise ships usually offer included dining at certain restaurants (buffet lines and main dining room). Premium restaurants incur an extra charge and usually require reservations. On a recent cruise I experienced aboard the Norwegian Spirit, I was able to sample the cuisine at many of the premium restaurants. Because I was sailing as a hosted VIP, I was also able to experience the Concierge level of service, which included private dining for breakfast and lunch at Cagney’s. This is definitely a perk to consider when booking your next cruise.

I sailed with my friend, Nancy Schretter, as part of our #NCLTogether4Good Voluntourism Cruise. Nancy is the founder of Together for Good, a non-profit organization that provides free planning information for volunteering when you travel. She is also the publisher of Family Travel Network, one of the first family travel sites to ever hit the web. She’s not only super-awesome, but she’s also one of the pioneers of travel information on the internet. We had so much fun on ur girlfriend giving back getaway.

Nancy and I enjoyed our first meal at Cagney’s aboard the Norwegian Spirit before it even set sail. This premium restaurant onboard is open for dinner by reservation and includes small extra fee for each diner. I opted for crab cakes with guacamole as a starter, scallops served over rice as my entree, and a delicious chocolate ice cream concoction for dessert. The chef came out to meet us and we even posed for a picture with our wonderful international crew. It was an auspicious beginning of our seven day cruise from the port of New Orleans.


Special thanks to NCL for hosting us on our volunteer vacation cruise. We were able to bring much needed items to multiple destinations. Plus, it made me feel really good!


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