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A Valentine’s Day No Getaway


Anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s days are those special dates that come around where Mamas hope for romance and loving and maybe a romantic trip.

Sometimes, though, life gets in the way.

This Traveling Mama experienced a low point in her life when the Birthday and Anniversary occurred a week after a hysterectomy. Yes, TMI, but I want you all to know that what seemed like a lost cause became an opportunity for Mr. CajunMama and the little ones to step it up. They surprised me with a dinner at the dining room table, which hardly ever gets used. The Mister and I ate a candlelight meal of overcooked steak, chewy Au Gratin Potatoes, and dessert of a chilled Reese’s Cup. Top that off with some sparkly and it was better than any fine dining experience.

Here are Valentine’s Day ideas for those Traveling Mamas who are grounded:

Dinner and a Movie

Break out the fine china, the crystal, and let the kids act as chef and maitre d. The kids will really enjoy serving their parents, who can gaze at each other over candlelight. Follow up with the movie No Reservations.

Day Spa Getaway

Call up your local day spa and check on their specials. Plan an afternoon when the kids are in school and you can both take time for yourselves. A couples treatment is just the thing.

Can’t wait for the day spa?

Get the kids to bed early, lock the door, and break out the massage oil or lotion. Play a little tropical music in the background or turn on “crashing waves” sounds on your alarm clock. Fix some umbrella drinks and take a soak in the bath together. Who needs a day spa?

Use your imagination

So you didn’t get that trip to the Bahamas for Valentine’s Day. Neither did I. I’m still having a fantastic V-Day. I’ve got the Champagne chilled (and sparkling grape juice too) and the pizza is on the way. The whole family is having a living-room picnic with the fireplace going. Afterwards we are baking heart-shaped cookies. And who knows what will happen after the kids go to bed.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day from the Traveling Mamas, no matter what your plans are.

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