Gulf Shores Alabama An Insider Look

As you know, the Traveling Mamas were on a recent trip to the beautiful Gulf Shores in Alabama. Ever since I caught glimpse of the first news reports of the BP oil spill, I knew this wouldn’t be good for the Gulf Coast. I really longed to get to the area and when we were invited by the Alabama Visitors Bureau, I was ready to get on the plane and go right then!

I wasn’t quite sure what my expectations were of the area, but from all the media reports, I just figured there would be oil all around the beach. What we found, was quite the opposite! Take a peek into this short 3 minute video and see the Gulf Shores from a real viewpoint.

Areas in the video:

Waterville USA

King Neptunes

Orange Beach, Alabama

This post is part of the #MamasMamas event sponsored by Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism.

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