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Summer Road Trip – Dining at the Clifton Inn

Just a short post to rave about the food at the incredible Clifton Inn dining room.  If you go, don’t miss the chance to sit at the chef’s counter in Executive Chef Tucker Yoder’s kitchen!  I’d also highly recommend that you let Chef Yoder select what you’ll eat.  We did – and we’re still talking about it several days later.

The Clifton Inn kitchen going full tilt during dinner service

The Inn’s menu – featuring dozens of locally-sourced ingredients –  is based on the small plates concept; some of the plates (like the super-tasty beet and strawberry salad) are light, some (like the crispy soft shell crab with homemade XO sauce) a bit more appetizer-like, and some (like the flaky halibut or the tagliatelle with short ribs) a bit heavier.  Chef Yoder suggests that you order about four per person; our challenge was limiting our choices to six!

Chef Yoder

What’s particularly special is that Yoder really listens – he overheard Abby mentioning her love for all things broccoli, and suddenly a broccoli dish (not even on the menu!) appeared out of nowhere, prepared just for her.  I’m not a foie gras fan, but no worries – I got tiny quails’ legs in a jiffy instead.  For dessert, do not miss the sticky toffee cake.  Order two.  You’ll have to fight your family off.

Breakfast on the terrace is just as yummy.  Abby devoured her french toast, and Steve didn’t talk for a while, so concentrated was he on his omelette.  I asked whether any of the grits on the previous night’s menu were leftover; they appeared, together with a perfectly soft-cooked egg and some apple-smoked bacon.

The Clifton Inn verandah and dining room

Time for a nap . . .

Steve and Abby having a great time eating at the Clifton Inn

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