Guy’s Burger Joint on Carnival Cruise Lines

I’m not sure what I was expecting on the Carnival Liberty when it comes to Guy’s Burger Joint on the Fun Ship 2.0, but it sure wasn’t the chance to eat the best burger on the sea. All I can say is, move over 5 Guys Burgers. There’s only one guy for me when it comes to a really good burger — Guy Fieri’s new partnership with Carnival Cruise Lines. Not only are these burgers absolutely amazing, but they’re also FREE!

Guy's Burger Joint menu on Carnival Liberty

Guy’s Burger Joint is a roadside burger cafe crossed with a seaside dive located on the Lido Deck poolside, just next to RedFrog Rum Bar. Open in the afternoons until 6pm, you can choose from one of the five signature burgers, or opt for the Plain Jane and fix it how you like at the condiment bar. Add with that, the hand cut fries dusted with Guy’s seasoning and it’s a winner. You can be creative with your burger, or try a few of the suggestions listed at the condiment bar.

Burger and fries at Guy's Burger Joint on Carnival Liberty cruise ship

I opted for the Plain Jane for my first go ‘round and topped it with a variety of sauces and extras, like sauteed mushrooms and bacon. For my next round I went for The Ringer, a burger with cheese topped with a fried onion rind and Guy’s special sauce made with bourbon and brown sugar.

Counter at Guy's Burger Joint on Carnival Liberty cruise ship

Let’s not talk about diets here, because one of these burgers can run as many as 1800 calories. But who’s counting when you’re on vacation, right?

Condiment bar at Guy's Burger Joint on Carnival Liberty cruise ship

You might think there would be a long line since these burgers are so popular, but the ship’s staff keeps things running and I didn’t once encountered a line.

Cruise passengers enjoying Guy's Burger Joint on Carnival Liberty cruise ship

Guy’s Burger Joint is definitely one new aspect of the Fun Ship 2.0 enhancements that’s a keeper.

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