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When I take a day trip or weekend road trip, I don’t always feel like packing a small ice chest for the ride. Lately I had been packing an insulated lunch box with gel packs. The last time I went to prepare a small bag for a day trip across the river, I pulled the gel pack out the freezer and was totally grossed out. It seems my daughter had used it last and didn’t rinse it off after spilling her lunch in her bag.

PackIt in freezer

A few weeks later, a review item called PackIt arrived in my mailbox. I thought it was cute and the outer decorated pattern was right up my alley. The best part about this item? The entire bag goes in the freezer and keeps my drinks cold for up to 10 hours! That’s longer than I normally drive in a day on a road trip.

I chilled my PackIt and put a few canned drinks and my coffee creamer for a short road trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana. The drive was only a few hours, but it kept my cold drink chilled until later that evening when I got back into my hotel room after a day of touring the area.

PackIt The PackIt not only keeps items chilled longer than regular ice packs, but it is super easy to wipe clean. This nifty product was created by two single moms, Jeanette and Melissa, who were tired of trying to hunt down ice packs for their kids’ lunches. These work great for lunches, but they also are a good idea for that road trip so that you don’t get the floorboard of your car wet from ice that sloshes over when you turn too fast.

For a limited time, the PackIt can be purchased for $19.95 with a buy one get one free promotion on the PackIt lunch boxes website.

I’ve tried it and I plan on buying a few more to keep around the house for picnics, school lunches, and the spontaneous road trip. Would you use a PackIt?



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