Earth Footwear Fey 2 Sandals Review plus Giveaway

The first time I heard about Earth Footwear was from Leah Segedie, creator of Mamavation and an amazing inspiration for better personal health and fitness. Leah was wearing some rockin’ boots at Houmas House during the Bloggers on Bourbon luncheon. Leah is the perfect ambassador for this brand, which promotes posture and fitness through their shoe design.

Fast forward a few months and Leah arranged to have Earth Footwear send me a pair of sandals to check out for myself. I could immediately tell these shoes were quality when I opened the box – each shoe came in its own dust bag made of recycled materials. I put a sandal on my right foot and immediately could feel the comfort in the sole.

The Fey 2 Earth Footwear sandals have a comfortable leather upper. Sophisticated, yet playful. Debonair, yet casual. The range and versatility of the Fey 2 is what makes it so memorable and, well, so perfect. Unflappable, it’s always at its sophisticated best – especially now, with a freshly updated leather-lined footbed. Thin overlays of soft leather add texture and depth, and are neatly contrasted by the peek-a-boo toe. Adjustable buckle and hidden elastic stretch material add a hint of practicality, helping to create a truly superb fit. These sandals retail at $129.00.

While I’m not quite ready for orthopedic shoes, I do realize that traveling by plane and foot requires a bit more attention to pampering the feet. Fortunately, I don’t have to reach for the grandma shoes just yet. The most defining feature of Earth® Footwear is a slight 3.7° incline – a unique design that positions the toes 3.7º higher than the heels. The natural angle re-distributes body weight – strengthening, toning, and engaging muscles throughout the body. Couple this with the anatomic arch support and Biofoam cushioning, you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

The Fey 2 is one of many designs and styles of sandals, boots, and other footwear by Earth Footwear. Leah and Earth Footwear have arranged for one lucky reader of to have a chance to win their own pair of Earth Footwear sandals in the Fey 2 style, just like me. These are perfect for the Traveling Mama who loves exploring the world in a comfortable, yet fashionable way.

How to Enter: Leave a comment telling us where you’d wear your Earth Footwear Fey 2 sandals. One entry per email per day. Sorry, but contest is only open to US residents. To enter, you must be at least 18 years old and provide a valid email address. Winner will be selected via and must provide mailing address within 48 hours of winning notification by email. Contest entries close at 11:59 pm CST on Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

Review product and giveaway prize provided by Earth Footwear. Special thanks to Leah Segedie for the connection.

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  1. OMG! I would totally wear them at Disney! That is of course IF I WIN! Aahh crossing fingers and toes. I need one like it! The conference is almost here. Can’t wait to see you fabulous Traveling Mamas!

  2. i walk alot and i have bad kneel this sandal looks like it great people with these problems so i would probably wear them alot when walking

  3. I love those shoes!! I would wear them a number of places! If I had them next weekend I would wear them to the St Francisville Pilgrimage because there is alot of walking But I also wear them to Disney World. I imagine from reading what Shannon says about them once I would put them on, I would “wear them out”!

  4. I would wear them everywhere because they look so comfortable I wouldn’t want to take them off except to go to sleep at night!!

  5. everywhere! 41, fighting cancer, chasing after 3 kids – this tired mama needs some comfy shoes pronto!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  6. I would wear them everywhere I could… I have so much trouble with my feet and don’t have the $$$ for such wonderful shoes so it would be a dream to have a pair!
    thanks for this opportunity!

  7. Our family goes camping at least six times a year. I would love to wear a pair of these sandals while trekking through the nature trails. I have wide feet and they get very sore, very quickly in sneakers. These would be a dream! Especially now since I’ve been laid off and can’t afford luxuries like this. Walk on!

  8. I would wear these comfy and eye-catching sandals on the short walks we take to the green areas in the neighborhood. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  9. I would wear them anywhere I need to walk a lot but still look good doing it. I would wear them shopping for sure.

  10. I would wear these Earth Footwear sandles out when my husband and I go for walks or to the fleamarket, out to lunch, to the museum. very pretty shoes I’d love to wear anywhere

  11. I’d wear them to work, and I’d also wear them on the weekends. They are too lovely. They look like they’d even be comfortable for the tremendous amount of walking involved when we go to the zoo in the summer.

  12. More to the point, where would you NOT wear them? I honestly don’t know. They would surely go to work, church, shopping and everywhere in between.

  13. I’d wear these anywhere and everywhere! Love the style of them and am a sandals freak once the weather gets warm enough!

  14. I would wear them on my upcoming trip to San Francisco and then in Hawaii over the summer!!

  15. I would plan to wear them everywhere during warm weather and, if I take a warm weather vacation, I would plan to bring them with me

  16. I would wear them everywhere! (Well, except to church.) I live in South Florida, and it’s always sandal weather!

  17. I’d wear these everywhere! They look VERY comfortable and have a nice look to them.

  18. I would wear them everywhere! I have four children and could definitely use some comfy shoes that have style as well.

  19. I would wear my Earth Footwear Fey 2 sandals during both warm weather vacations and during warm weather in the area where I live

  20. we just moved near the beach & that would definitely be where I would try out the shoes

  21. I would plan to wear them everywhere during warm weather and, if I take a warm weather vacation, I would plan to bring them with me.

  22. I would plan to wear them everywhere during warm weather and, if I take a warm weather vacation, I would plan to bring them with me..

  23. i would wear them everywhere! Probably to Disneyland since I live so close, or the mall, or class. Perfect for everything!

  24. These are cute and sound really comfortable. I’d wear them outdoors a lot and they’d be great for walking around D.C. on vacation this summer.

  25. I would wear my Earth Footwear Fey 2 sandals during both warm weather vacations and during warm weather in the area where I live.

  26. I would wear my Earth Footwear Fey 2 sandals during both warm weather vacations and during warm weather in the area where I live..

  27. I would wear them everywhere. I’d love to wear them on our beach vacation this June.

  28. Oh, I’ve been coveting Earth Footwear for years, but these sandals are amazing! I would wear them pretty much everywhere. Except the baseball diamond. My feet would get dirty there.

  29. I would wear those to Disney, and to the park with my kids. And to bed…I really doubt I would take them off.

    (Canadian website address, but do have a home in the US too).

  30. I would wear my shoes everywhere! Earth shoes are the only comfortable and great looking shoes that work well with one of my ankles being fused. They feel so good on my feet!!!

  31. All I wear is Earth shoes. They’re the only shoe that doesn’t make me knees ache. I’d wear these sandals on our trip to KS this summer to visit the in-laws.

  32. I would wear these sandals out to walk around my beautiful city, Seattle. I love to walk around downtown and farmer’s markets.

  33. Hello! I would wear them everywhere, everyday. I would be able to cut down on driving because I would be able to walk to the grocery store and to all of the delicious restaurants around my house. When I travel this Summer, I would be able to walk the beautiful trails of the Appalachian Mountains and scoot across the soft sands of the East coast beaches. *I live in NC!*

  34. I wear all of my Earth shoes EVERYWHERE!! Now that we’re approaching warmer weather, they’d be my go’to shoes for work when I wear a skirt or dress.

  35. I would wear them everywhere. I love my Earth shoes and would love to try some sandals!

  36. I would wear them everyday of the summer, especially when I take my infant daughter for walks. I love Earth shoes, only shoes I can wear that help my scoliosis. The red shoes are lovely! I’ve never owned red shoes!

  37. I would wear them everywhere! To work, as a teacher where I stand for long periods of time, to Disneyland, to the beach, to the store, in my backyard. They would be fantastic for my bad knees.

  38. I have seen these on Mamavation and have wanted a pair ever since. I would wear these everywhere except when its snow. Well you might get me to wear them then too

  39. I would wear these beauties to work and then to the zoo! We have a most amazing zoo-Woodland Park Zoo! It’s BIG and I’m searching for that one pair of summer sandals that can keep up with the demand of the walking it. Half way through the day, my feet are hurting. 3/4 through the day they usually are burning! I’ve been reading lots on Earth Footwear and they are my next purchase to give it a go. I have high hopes!

  40. I’d wear these into the city, San Francisco, so I can walk more and sit less ! Those hills are a challange sometimes as we age :-))

  41. I love Earth shoes. I was introduced to them by my mother (she loves all shoes). But she noticed I was having some back pain and recommended wearing the earth shoes for a while. The shoe helps tone your muscles which helped immensely. I’m totally sold on Earth footwear, the quality is great and they’re super stylish. These sandals are sooo cute!!!

  42. I love Earth shoes, and these look so comfortable. I would wear these working as a teacher, and I would wear them this summer while travelling. They look so comfortable.

  43. I LOVE Earth shoes. They are the only kind I wear. I need sandals for summer & these are adorable. I would wear them everywhere & anywhere!

  44. I would wear these shoes to Hawaii to visit my son and his family. He is stationed there in the Navy and I know we will be doing a lot of walking as we see the island.

  45. I would probably wear them pretty much everywhere. I have several pairs of the athletic earth shoes, and the boots for winter. These will be perfect for all good weather activities like craft fairs, yard sales, shopping.

  46. I would wear these everyday this summer no matter where I go. They are beautiful.

    mlynnw83 at gmail dot com

  47. I have been wearing Earth footwear for a few years now. Came about with increasing problems with my feet. They give me the comfort I need for everyday living and exercise walking whether at home or traveling. Next vacation is in August in Hawaii and this shoe would be a blessing.

  48. Of course, I would wear them anywhere, but my anywhere will include a cruise and a wedding this summer. People know a good pair of shoes are important to me due to back pain. They look to see what the newest style of Earth shoes I am wearing!!! I will be great advertisement for Earth shoes…size 11!

  49. These would be perfect for wearing in the summer with my dressses out to eat and with shorts on vacation.


  50. These would be great for our summer in Colorado! I’d wear them everyday and everywhere!

  51. I would plan to wear them everywhere during warm weather and, if I take a warm weather vacation, I would plan to bring them with me…

  52. I would wear them traveling . They look like good comfy airport shoes that would be stylish for on the job too.

  53. I would love to wear them in Paris in the springtime! The crocus are blooming now and it always reminds me of the gardens in Paris! These shoes would be perfect! I wear Earth shoes everywhere (even to work!)

  54. I would wear my Earth Footwear Fey 2 sandals during both warm weather vacations and during warm weather in the area where I live…

  55. I’d wear it all summer – to the park, to the university, to Walmart. . . hope to win this! Thanks 🙂
    mandalarctic at gmail dot com

  56. I would wear these everywhere and everyday as it is always like sumer where I live and these look so comfortable, especially when you are 5 months pregnant!

  57. Icould walk forever in these shoes! I would love to tour Paris with happy feet. Tres chic!!

  58. Style and comfort are an unusual combination. I would wear them on my vacation to Greece and everywhere else.

  59. I would wear them anywhere.I have diabetes and have started having issues with my feet.I need to stop buying cheap dollar store sandals and get some better support ones.Thanks!

  60. I’d wear these whenever I was outside walking – that means everyday, everywhere.

  61. I don’t drive so I walk everywhere and every year I say I’m going to get a pair of sandals and they never seem to make it into the budget. I would wear them on my Saturday morning walks to the farmers market, my strolls on Sunday for afternoon lunch with my dear husband and trips to the river with my children.

  62. How cute! I’d wear these on weekends to the playground with my daughter or out to dinner or for a picnic. Thanks!

  63. I adore Earth shoes. I bought my first pair in the midseventies. Earth shoes are so comfortable and stylish that I’d wear them everywher I go.

  64. I would plan to wear them everywhere during warm weather and, if I take a warm weather vacation, I would plan to bring them with me….

  65. i like the sandals if i won i would wear them size 8 i follow you on facebook

  66. I would love a practical pair to wear to class and when I need to be business casual! I hate having to walk a mile to campus in heels or having to change shoes when I get there

  67. Since my feet are bad I would wear something comfy like this every day for shopping and visiting my grandbabies, cooking and everything, really!

  68. I would wear these everywhere, except work (they’re not allowed). They seem so comfy!


  69. They’re cute enough that I could see wearing them lots of places. I think they’d especially be great on vacation where we tend to do a lot of walking and sight seeing (oh..and shopping LOL).

    Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

  70. I would wear these very cute shoes to our family reunion and to the
    mall,they would be great for walking around and shopping

  71. Another place I’d wear them is around campus when we take our oldest off to college in August!

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