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Cyber Monday Travel Gadget Deals

Today is the biggest online deals day of the year – Cyber Monday. We’ve got a few travel related gadgets that you may have on your holiday wish list, either for yourself or someone special. Here are some of the top items that are being searched for this holiday season, but they all have a travel twist.


Amazon started the trend with the Kindle and other companies have followed with their own portable e-readers. They come in handy for the traveler who is an avid reader yet doesn’t want to lug around an entire library. The Kindle is available on Amazon.com all year round, but is on special right now.

Handheld Digital Video Cameras

The Flip – I’ve been a big fan of The Flip cameras since they arrived on the scene and have the Flip Ultra and Flip Mino HD. The only downside to the camera has been a lack of an external mic jack. The sound quality on The Flip is horrible if doing interviews with people, unless you get right in their face. Fortunately, The Flip is now offering an expanded line of accessories, including Mikey for Flip, an external microphone (will be released early 2011) and s Scosche wireless microphone.

Kodak Zi8 – ThemeParkMom turned me on to this style of camera, which offers external mic jack and remote. The price is comparable to current Flip offerings and records in HD. The sound quality on interviews with an external microphone is pretty darn good! Add this with the remote capabilities and you’re on your way to producing some amazing online travel videos.

Solar Power
The Scosche SolBat II Solar Powered Backup and Charger provides battery charging capabilities via a USB port. This product comes in handy if you find yourself at a destination where electric power is hard to come by. Plus, the size and price are just right for the pocket.

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