World Travel Wednesday: Inspiring Foodies

A part of travel that everyone experiences is food. We have to eat at some point while on the road. For me, culinary moments are part of what makes a trip worth talking about. I’m from Louisiana where we don’t eat to live, we live to eat. It only makes sense that there would be some amazing food blogs and chefs sharing their culinary experiences online. Here are some of my favorites who I’ve met or been introduced along my journey of travel writing.

Nottoway Plantation Louisiana

The Rock and Roll Chef Chef Nathan Lippy is not only talented, but he’s cute to boot. I met Nate during the National Cherry Festival as we explored the farm to table world of tart cherries. Before meeting Nate, I’ve never seen anyone be able to make brussel sprouts sound appetizing. He offers some fun videos inspired by travel, events, and everyday life.

The MasterChef Amateur – A local blogger and fellow travel partner, Jay Ducote, shares his culinary experiences and opinions on area restaurants with BiteandBooze.com. Jay and I share a birthday, which we celebrated together last year in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL with the Mamas4Mamas fundraiser. Jay was recently one of the Top 100 Amateur finalists on MasterChef this season.

The Friendly Brit – I was at a Tales of the Cocktail media event on the top floor of the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans when this friendly gentleman sat down beside me and complimented me on my dress. We chatted a bit and he mentioned he was a chef. We exchanged cards and went our separate ways, but I’ll always remember that he liked my dress. A few weeks after the event I cleaned out my purse to find his business card – Chef Jon Ashton. I went to his website and I’ve been enchanted ever since. He offers beautiful recipes for children (inspired by his daughter, Victoria Mei) and has an extensive media portfolio.

A Sweet American in Paris – A few weeks ago I noticed an extreme spike in traffic on my personal site. I noticed it was coming from DavidLebovitz.com. David is an award winning culinary author currently living in Paris. He shares vignettes of life in Paris that make me long to take a sweet trip to this romantic city. David is offering a chocolate and gastronomy tour this fall in Paris. Chocolate. Pastries. Paris. You can see why I’m in love with this site.

What are some of your favorite culinary blogs and personalities?

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  1. I so enjoy the food bloggers who capture their passion with fine words and alluring photos. How many different ways can there be to describe food??

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