Bing’s Facebook integration makes travel planning social

Who doesn’t like to save money, especially when traveling? I know that a great travel deal is almost like catching a 50% off sale at my favorite designer clothing store. Plus, it’s even more fun when I hear about the great deal from my friends.

With the costs of travel rising this summer, travelers are searching everywhere online get the best deals. Hundreds of travel sites offer deals, but how do you make sure that “cheap” hotel is not a total disaster? Sure, travel websites offer reviews and recommendations, but can you really trust someone you don’t know when selecting a place to stay?

A recent Bing/Impulse Research survey found that when checking out a new bar, restaurant or club, people look to their friends for recommendations 2.5 times more often than local city guides, 4 times more often than online sites/reviews, and 10 times often more than social media check-in sites.  Bing’s new features bring your Facebook friends into your search experience, so you can get the opinions of people you trust immediately.

  • If you’re searching for destination or a flight on Bing Travel, you’ll see which of your Facebook friends live or have lived in the city you are visiting so you can get great local tips from someone you trust. Only Bing instantly shows what your Facebook friends have “liked,” making it easier for you to find their favorite cafés, museums or summer destinations.
  • Bing makes it easier than ever to know when to get a great deal on airfare. Simply search for flights on Bing, and if you “like” what you see, you’ll be instantly notified of price predictions in rising and falling airfare prices through your Facebook newsfeed.

Bing brings the power of your friends into the convenience of search.  It’s a short cut to your friends’ opinions, making it easier than ever to make faster, more informed decisions with the help of those you trust.

To learn more, visit Bing’s Blog.

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