Stuckey’s – the classic American road trip stop #roadtripmama

When I was a kid, we’d sometimes stop at a roadside Stuckey’s for pecan logs and bathroom breaks. I was fascinated by the cheesy mugs, walls of candy, and mini glass unicorns.

As a traveling mama, I feel an inherent need to pass along this family road trip tradition.

My little family stopped at a Stuckey’s to fill up the gas tank and enjoy a Dairy Queen Blizzard. I was glad to see that not much has changed at these stores. Even right down to the mini glass figurines.

Where do like to stop on a road trip?

You can find Stuckey’s on your next road trip by visiting

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  1. I love Stuckeys! Your photos don’t capture the aroma of potato logs and sugar. But its close.

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