Memories of #Blogher 2009 in Chicago

We’re gearing up and recharging our batteries to take on New York City for Blogher 2010. Last year this big mama of all girly blog conferences was a blast. It was personally my first introduction into the Blogher world and what fun it was! Blogher is like a multi-night slumber party for grownups. Of course, there are many educational opportunities with a variety of sessions offered, but I’m partial to the social aspect of social media.

MommyMusings at Blogher 2009If you’re new to the conference and you see any of us, please say hello and introduce yourself. We don’t bite (well, unless you really tick me off). I remember how I felt last year and was glad that I knew a couple of ladies before embarking into this unknown universe. I’m very comfortable in the travel industry and tech worlds, but will admit that it’s intimidating to attend Blogher where many of the women already know each other. Don’t be scared! Most (if not all) of the attendees are very friendly.

Paula Deen at Blogher 2009

This is a fabulous event for networking and learning more about growing your blog audience. The best part? The total all out fun! Here are some tweets from last year. Be sure to follow the hashtag #Blogher10 to keep up with all the craziness and to stay updated on what’s going on. Place your mouse over the pics to read the text from the tweets.
ThemeParkMom and OneMomsWorld

So sweet! @circleprmary and @circleprshawn. Roomies and I luv... on Twitpic I could swallow my son wearing these #crocs to school. #blogh... on Twitpic @fireflyvodka The tee was a hit and generated lots of great c... on Twitpic

At #blogher and want some @CommunityCoffee? Come find me:) #l... on Twitpic Hazelnut mousse at The Mid America Club in Chicago. Todie for... on Twitpic Sharing #louisianalove w/@parentopiadevra in #microspa at #bl... on Twitpic

Sharing #louisianalove w/ @pineapplebabble at #microspa. Than... on Twitpic Cheers @themeparkmom! #microspa #motoblogher #blogher09 on Twitpic A poken. You can put your social media info on it and share w... on Twitpic

I found the bunny! #energizher #blogher09 on Twitpic Cucumber mint mojito at #suave party. Mmm! Great view too! #m... on Twitpic The social media session by @cordiva rocked. Ateended w/ @the... on Twitpic

Gotta love Tim Gunn from Project Runway! #motoblogher #blogher09 on Twitpic At the Project Runway Red Carpet w/ @themeparkmom @writingtra... on Twitpic Enjoying the Chicago weather outside the Cultural Center at #... on Twitpic

Disclosure: I do love meeting with brands and doing business with them, however, I was NOT sponsored during last year’s conference. I had samples of Community Coffee so that I could share something from my home state with attendees at Blogher. I was not paid to promote any brand nor can my opinion be purchased. Sharing my favorite morning brew was fun because it would spark a conversation which usually resulted in the recipient recalling a childhood memory of Louisiana. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful time at this year’s conference! I have such fond memories of meeting you for the first time there last year; wish I could be there.

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