How to Choose a Romantic Getaway

What is a romantic getaway and how can I surprise my partner with a trip for Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, a second honeymoon, or just because?

Romantic spot on Little Palm Island
Romantic spot on Little Palm Island

A romantic getaway is different for each person and each couple. Some couples prefer outdoor adventures, while others enjoy a luxurious retreat. Choosing where to go is the first step in the planning process. It might be a honeymoon. It might be an anniversary. You may not even be married, but are looking for some special time alone. Whatever the reason for your romantic getaway, you can’t go wrong by devoting time to your relationship.

Romantic dining at Houmas House Plantation copyright Houmas House
Romantic dining at Houmas House Plantation copyright Houmas House

Think about the activities your partner enjoys. There is a destination to suit any interest. There are mountain resorts for land lovers and beach resorts for tickling your toes in the sand. Some destinations are packed with activities, while other getaways are set in seclusion. The type of destination really depends on the traveler and the budget. And yes, there are getaways for all budgets, even those with no budget.

When planning a romantic getaway, you’ll want everything to be as perfect as humanly possible. Advanced planning can help your romantic getaway fall into place and be a trip to remember for a lifetime. Here are some tips for that special trip:

* Get a manicure and pedicure to feel sexy before you leave. Men need manicures, too!

* Pack items such as massage oils, a scented candle, and a favorite CD. This will help you set the mood of your resort room.

* Hire a chauffeured ride to the airport to help the trip start out right.

* Inquire during your planning phase about vow renewals. Some countries and islands require a certain length’s stay before a ceremony. Ask an on-site wedding coordinator to help with the details. If planning vow renewals, some places require the original marriage certificate.

* Ask the chef to re-create your wedding dinner or your first date meal. This can be set in a secluded area of the restaurant or even private dining in your room.

* Buy a card in the airport gift shop on the way home to thank your partner for a wonderful, romantic getaway.

Romantic spot in Saint-Tropez
Romantic spot in Saint-Tropez

What if you need a few ideas on where to go for that romantic escape? Never fear, The Traveling Mamas are here! We have an entire category dedicated to romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or just because. Searching for a romantic package in Denver? Need some romance in San Diego? We’ve got you covered. Snuggle up for a little romance and renew those relationships this year.

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  1. Just on a fluke both of our kids were on an overnight last weekend so we went an hour out of town to a resort. What felt like true luxury was not having to be anywhere in the morning and having breakfast in the room. Just being able to relax without getting anyone ready or making anyone breakfast (and our kids are fairly easy) was the biggest treat.

  2. A romantic getaway sounds so fantastic and is so important (it has been way too long since my husband and I have done that!!!)- thanks for the great tips!

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