Diane von Furstenberg Travel Fashion

We give lots of tips on how to pack for holiday travel or that quick romantic getaway, but one thing I personally enjoy is shopping for what to put in my luggage. I admire the designs of Diane von Furstenberg, including the Resort Collections and Luggage. These gorgeous items aren’t your every day purchase, but a mama can always dream! Here are a few Diane von Furstenberg luxury travel fashion items for the Mama on the Move:

Signature Laptop Cases – Mariella Laptop Case in Autumn Leaves Black or Arabesque White – $135

Diane von Furstenberg Laptop Cases

Kindle Covers – The Kindle covers come in a variety of stylish prints that will turn heads inside any airport waiting area – $165

Diane von Furstenberg Kindle Covers

Printed Scarves – Scarves can be worn for practical reasons (to keep the neck warm) or just to show our fashion personality. Diane von Furstenberg offers printed scarves in different colors and prints. – $95- $230

Beach Tote – If going on a cruise or visiting a luxury beach resort, you can carry your beach accessories in style with a fashionable designer beach tote like the Judy Beach Tote – $85

Diane von Furstenberg judy beach tote

Sunglasses – Whether at the beach or Quebec’s Winter Carnival, protect your eyes from the sun with a good pair of sunglasses – $125
Diane von Furstenberg sunglasses The Classic Wrap Dress – Diane von Furstenberg introduced the wrap dress in 1972 and has since built an empire around this iconic fashion. The wrap dress works for any destination and looks good on almost any body type or figure.

Be sure to check out the official Diane von Furstenberg website to browse and shop for luxury travel fashion for your next vacation or holiday and read more about the good things this company does for others.

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