Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory – Strap Your Kid to Your Rolling Bag

I was browsing through Overstock.com this morning and came across this interesting travel accessory for toddler car seats – a strap that attaches a toddler car seat to your rolling carry-on suitcase. First, whoever came up with this idea is very creative and innovative. And at around $13 in price, it seems pretty affordable. The pictures in the ad illustrate how a carry-on suitcase can double as a stroller through an airport.

car seat travel accessory luggage strap
Here’s the product description:

Quickly and easily connect your toddler’s car seat to your rolling carry-on suitcase. By attaching the straps from the car seat to your suitcase, you create a stroller that moves smoothly through airports.

  • Straps attach securely for safety
  • When not in use slips in the pocket of your carry-on
  • Works with any LATCH, and top tether, equipped car seat (not compatible with European equipped IsoFix seats)
  • Heavyweight polypropylene webbing withstands up to 900 pounds
  • Do not use on stairs or escalators
  • Car seat not included
  • Product dimensions: 3 inches high x 3 inches long x 3 inches wide

toddler car seat strapI’m all about making life easier when traveling with kids, but a few concerns came to mind when I saw this. There was one glowing user review on the site by a mother traveling alone with a two year old. She stated that it was very easy to use and convenient. I guess it really depends on the quality of your carry-on bag and the height of your child if it can actually be used. Adding all that extra weight to the front of the bag could cause some serious damage to your retractable handle. Also, you’ll have to make sure you keep the car seat at a high enough angle so the toddler’s feet won’t drag the ground, possibly causing injury. I went in search of this product on Amazon.com and found over 200 reviews! See our affiliate link: Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory

I still think it’s very innovative, and as a mother who took two preschoolers through the Atlanta airport to catch a tight connection, I’d be willing to strap my kids to my suitcase if I thought I could get to my connection faster, easier, and safely. If I remember correctly, I carried the littlest one in front, while the older one hung off my back like a monkey as I ran (we did not have car seats to lug). They both giggled the whole way. I could see a toddler enjoying the strapped to the suitcase mode of transport.

Do you have one of these car seat travel accessories? Would you use one?

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  1. I have one and it worked great for us on our last trip. I do have to say that since my son was excited to walk with his own suitcase and my daughter was in an infant seat, we used it mostly to carry the carseat, which was helpful on it’s own. We could also put a couple bags in the empty seat while it was attached, which gave us the freedom to have free hands.

    It’s a simple strap, so it’s easy to store when you aren’t using it.

  2. What a great idea for traveling with a little one! I sure could have used this when taking my 18 month old to visit family. Trying to get my boy and luggage around the airport by myself was a nightmare! Added plus – fun ride for the kiddies!

  3. Thanks for the information. Do you know if there is some accessory available in the market that can be used to attach an umbrella stroller to carryon? I have searched high and low on internet but could not find it 🙁

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