Kid Review: Carnival Cruise Lines Circle “C” for Ages 12-14

When I first stood out the doors of Circle “C” I was timid and reluctant to enter. I felt as if I was a new girl standing out of the doors of a school – until, my brother told me it would be fun. I thought if my brother told me that, then I can do it. I told my mom and dad bye, I could tell that they were nervous, especially my mom. I entered this room full of 12-14 year olds playing video games, talking, laughing and dancing. I stood against the wall watching the waves roll by for like 2 seconds until a girl named Destiny asked me if I wanted to be in her group for the scavenger hunt. I said yes, and joined the group of crazy, loud kids. During the scavenger hunt Destiny and I were having a ball, talking about ourselves while doing crazy things, like finding someone named Bob. Then 10 o’clock came and we had to go back to the Circle “C” room.

We also met Taylor and Abby the first night, along with a lot of other super nice kids. We hung out the whole night, at the shows, pool, mini golf, and pizza place. The show was absolutely amazing and welcoming to all ages. The pizza was 24/7 and GREAT! The mini golf was a challenge but we made it through, and the pool was just right.  Even though it was late at night there was still movement, and excitement. Everywhere you turned there was something fun going on.  Also, there were free photo shoots going on, and of course my friends and I hit of every single one of them.

Fun and Dancing at Dinner on Carnival Cruise

The next morning I woke up and got dressed as fast as I could and looked for my friends. OF course I find them at our spot, right next the sodas and picture shoots. We went on the waterslide at Carnival Waterworks because Circle “C” doesn’t open till 11 am.  There is one long water slide, and two mini drops. Also, for younger kids there is a kiddy area. Then came lunch, which there is a variety of a couple of places to eat.  My friends and I always went to the buffet because the other restaurants were sit-down fancy food.  So we got that American food. With Circle “C” we watched shows, sang karaoke, had another scavenger hunt, we ate ice cream, went to the pool, and Waterworks – Until my mom just had to make me come to dinner. At the restaurant each night I saw my favorite waiters of all time, Koko and Samsump. They would make crazy objects with the napkins and include the kids. I didn’t even wait for dessert before getting back to my new friends because every night Circle “C” had a dance party for kids only.  After the dance parties there were dance off competitions and all kinds of fun and games going on around the cruise ship, so my friends and I had to be a part of that!

Carnival Cruise Lines is great for kids of all ages. Even the kids who don’t like to do anything ( like my brother) . There are a lot of options to do at once. You can send your child to Camp Carnival or Circle “C” – depending on their age. But no matter what, they WILL make friends. I still text my friends till this day. We keep in good contact. After you leave the cruise you feel like you have known the kids forever, in a good way. I highly recommend Carnival Cruise Lines for a family cruise. You will not regret it. In fact I’m itching to go back now.

This post was written by my daughter, who accompanied me on a hosted press cruise (she sometimes travels with me on press trips and media visits.) She always brings along a travel journal to keep a personal record of her adventures. These are her opinions and description of Carnival Cruise Lines Circle “C” Club for ages 12-14. I can attest that we did have to force her to dinner with the family each night. On our final night of our family cruise, we searched the picture gallery for our family photo. My husband, son, and I busted out laughing at all the photos that included three particular 12 year old girls with various poses and backdrops. We weren’t laughing, though, when she purchased a few of these photos for herself….and charged them to our cabin. ~ CajunMama

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