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Bonsai Sushi on a Carnival Breeze Cruise #CarnivalBreeze

During the launch of the all new Carnival Breeze I had heard there would be a new dining venue, Bonsai Sushi. I’ll admit, at first I didn’t even get excited about it since I had heard there would be an extra charge.

The first day on the Carnival Breeze there wasn’t anyone in this dining venue. I mean, it did look like it might be pricey, based on the setup and the high-end look. But by the second day on board as I passed by on my way to the Blush Dining Room, the place was packed.

Carnival Breeze dining Bonsai Sushi restaurant

I then found out about the charge and what Bonsai Sushi really offers — it’s a great place for your first sushi experience at a very reasonable price. Bonsai Sushi is Carnival’s first full-service sushi restaurant with a variety of Asian-inspired delicacies. It was so much fun to sit at a table decorated in a contemporary style with cute little Bonsai trees on the tables and artwork by graffiti artist Erni Vales.

If you’ve never had sushi, this is the perfect place to experiment to see if you like it. I’m a sushi lover, and I will admit I was very impressed by the quality of the food served. While sitting there, an impromptu celebration dance was performed, complete with koi kites.

tempura roll at Bonsai Sushi restaurant on Carnival Breeze

Prices range from $1 for appetizer-sized portions to a $15 sushi ship for two. The menu is pretty extensive for the minimal charge and there’s a variety of sushi, sashimi, rolls, a bento box and their version of a sushi boat. The deal is pretty impressive and it made for a fun and delicious meal. Bonsai Sushi is located on the Promenade Deck and is a fabulous venue for an afternoon snack or a full meal with friends or family.

Carnival Cruise Lines has made the sushi experience accessible for those who have never tried it before, giving guests an added value to their cruise experience — a way to broaden their culinary experience.

To learn more about the Carnival Breeze or to book your next cruise, visit Carnival.com or contact your favorite travel agent.

Special thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines for hosting my cruise aboard the Carnival Breeze cruise ship. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

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