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Hi Traveling Mamas,
I am taking a trip to Europe, mostly Italy, for a month. I had planned on buying a rail pass and take the bus, but (if I can do this?!) I would rather buy a scooter as soon as I get there and sell it when I leave. How plausible do you think this is?


Hi J,

I’m not sure exactly where you’ll be and for how long, but if the bulk of your visit will be in Italy, have you looked into a scooter rental? Scooters and mopeds are available in all major cities and some rural areas. A motorino (scooter) rental may be a cost effective way for you to travel around Italy and access sites that are harder to get to by other means of transportation.

There are a number of motorino rentals facilities that will negotiate rates on extended rental periods. If the rates seem a bit too steep for your budget and you really want to purchase a moped, then go for it. Search classified ads online for the city you plan to make your transportation purchase, but before you seal the deal, check local laws on foreign ownership.

Here are some of my favorite European planning resources to assist you in taking that next step in travel:

WhyGo Italy – Jessica of WhyGo Italy is not only one cool chic, but she knows all about travel in Italy. Read through many of the informative articles available on her site to help plan your route. Once you decide your route then you can figure out logistics and transportation.

Have you visted Europe a la Carte? Author Karen Bryan is in the UK and has tons of articles regarding transportation and information for your Europe holiday.

Another planning resource that I’ve heard good things about is Europe for Visitors. Durant Imboden has been compiling information regarding European travel  for decades and started publishing his site in 2001.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction and that your visit to Europe is safe and full of wonderful travel memories. We’ll ask our readers to chip in with comments and tips to help you decide if you should purchase that scooter.

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  1. when we buying two wheeler we will check the full detail about the that then we have some trial to see the two wheeler these article very informative articles they will be used find good one.

  2. The motorino can indeed be a great way to get around certain parts of Italy. However, as it was mentioned in the article it really depends on the area you’re planning to be in. If you are unfamiliar with driving in Italy, especially in anything other than a car or van, you may not want to use this as your primary method of transportation for safety reasons.

    You may want to consider some other modes of transportation in addition to motorino rental. This is more for those who might be traveling with their families or a companion, or those who might be traveling with a lot of luggage or photo/video equipment. In this case, you may be better off getting to and from your hotel or other major transfers by public transportation or private car. A motorino should be fine for traveling on short trips between attractions in the busier streets, but I wouldn’t recommend such a mode of transportation for longer distance trips.

    Beware of the places you choose to rent a motorino from, as some of them will charge extreme rental rates to foreigners or for going certain distances. Also be sure you look into insurance options whether you rent or buy, so that you aren’t held liable for any unseen issues.

  3. Since I’ve learned how to drive a scooter in Vietnam – I think the next time I go to Italy I’ll def. get a scooter…it’s always been a dream of mine to do in Italy! Great info – thanks!

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