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Lanai Pine Sporting Clays

When visiting the island of Lanai in Hawaii, the first activity that may come to mind is visiting the beach. Yes, there are many beautiful beaches on Lanai, but one of the surprising activities I experienced was at Lanai Pine Sporting Clays. I took an introductory course on sporting clays along with a gun safety course.

The shooting course has different stages to teach how to shoot in various hunting situations. I’ll admit, it was very liberating to pick up a shotgun after so many years and realize that I could still hit moving targets. It’s also a great stress reliever.

Our instructor, Frankie, was patient and knowledgeable about gun safety. At first arrival, I was outfitted with ear plugs, safety glasses, shooting vest, and of course a gun. We went over the safety features of the gun and also of the shooting range before we set off on a golf cart to start at the beginning of the course. An introductory lesson with 25 shells will cost around $90 per person for 45 minutes.

Each clay station is designed to simulate quail, duck, dove, and pheasant flight patterns. The stations increase in skill level, with our last station being the rabbit station. If you aren’t into shooting guns, there are archery shooting programs and even levels for children.

Reservations are required and a shuttle will pick you up at the Four Seasons Lanai Lodge at Koele. The ride is a short five minute drive up to the range. Afterwards, if you complete the safety course, you’ll get a certificate. You can arrange your visit to Lanai Pine Sporting Clays before you get to the island of Lanai or ask the concierge to make the reservations.

The course is managed by a nationally recognized NSCA Level III instructor and equipped with 14 automated target launchers, 6 fully-automated competition high towers and “single shooter” delay circuitry for individual play.

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