Live updates from the Carnival Sunshine #CCLWinter

This week I’m finally getting to see the Carnival Sunshine for myself as their hosted Writer in Residence. In November, MarvelousMiniMama took her kids on a family cruise to discover all this Fun Ship 2.0 has to offer for families since being redesigned from its original life as the Carnival Destiny. I’ll be taking a different approach, checking out the cruise ship for adults only with romantic getaways in mind.

Below is the itinerary with port stops for the week. Currently we have no particular excursions planned and will be cruising with relaxed and laid back attitude. Sometimes the most exciting moments come from the unplanned things that happen in life. The same holds true for travel.

Carnival Sunshine Western Caribbean route

While on board, I’ll try and live blog, but really, the whole point of taking a cruise getaway is just that…to get away. If you’d like to see what fun or interesting moments happen this week on the Carnival Sunshine while I’m the writer in residence, just keep checking back as I post updates via social media channels.

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