Power Your Holiday Memories with Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries

Don’t forget to “power up” your cameras with Rayovac Rechargeable batteries and capture your kids playing with their new toys, visiting family or returning from your holiday travels. Rayovac Rechargeable batteries perform best in digital cameras as they can be re-charged and re-used up to 500 times — reducing waste and saving money!

  • Rayovac Rechargeables are a great way to keep digital cameras powered up this holiday season
  • Rayovac Everyday-Use Rechargeable batteries can take up to 300 photos per charge—that’s 8 times more than competitors’ lithium batteries
  • Rayovac Everyday-Use and Platinum Rechargeables offer more power, less waste and less money!

We spent our Christmas Eve on the levee of the Mississippi River for one of the most amazing events our family has ever seen – The Festival of the Bonfires that lights the way for Papa Noel along the Louisiana levees of Old Man River. We made sure to pack flashlights powered by Rayovac batteries so that we could see as we walked through the dark fields where we parked.

Sunset on the Louisiana Levee Christmas Eve (c) Shannon Hurst Lane | TravelingMamas.com

CajunMama's Family on the Louisiana Levee Christmas Eve Bonfires (c) TravelingMamas.com

Christmas Eve Bonfires on the Levee in Louisiana (c) Shannon Hurst Lane | TravelingMamas.com

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