Save Money and Travel Green with Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries

When I pack for travel, I not only think about space in my carry on luggage, but also on ways to be eco-friendly when on the move. I carry along my own travel coffee mug to cut down on disposable coffee cups, and I also carry along a variety of rechargeable batteries and chargers.

Rayovac USB ChargerA handy travel gadget I discovered, thanks to Rayovac, is a USB battery charger that easily plugs into my laptop or mini travel power strip for charging. I still have a Flip Ultra, which requires two AA batteries for power, which makes this a handy travel gadget in my situation. Instead of lugging around a heavy pack of AA batteries, I carry four AA Rayovac Platinum Rechargeables. This saves space, weight, is more affordable, and is better for the environment than continually purchasing one time use alkaline batteries.

Here are some facts on Rayovac rechargeable batteries so you can make an informed purchase decision:

  • Rayovac offers two types of rechargeable battery products: Everyday Use and Platinum.
  • You can charge and reuse AA rechargeables up to 500 times
  • You can take up to 300 photos per charge with the AA Rayovac Everyday Use Rechargeables.
  • The Rayovac Platinum Rechargeables can take up to 400 photos with one full charge.
  • Rayovac USB Charger with two AA batteries costs less than $10 at most retailers.
  • Any brand of rechargeable battery can be used with Rayovac chargers and any charger can be used to charge Rayovac rechargeables.

To learn more about Rayovac rechargeable batteries, check out the full product line at Rayovac’s official website.

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