Travel News Week of April 12, 2010

Are you enjoying spring yet? We sure are in my family. The weather is getting gorgeous down here in Louisiana and we’re starting to think about where we’ll go this summer. This weekend my daughter and husband are going on their annual campout with my husband’s friends and their children. It’s a dad’s only event where the moms all have a weekend to themselves. My teen son isn’t much of a camper, so I’ll have a bit of company while we explore a few places around home.

One thing we’re excited about is the recent announcement that Louisiana’s “Great River Road” has been designated a National Scenic Byway by the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. If you’re planning a visit to Louisiana, be sure to leave plenty of time on your schedule to take a drive along what was once one of the richest areas of the US before 1860. The plantations and archeological areas will astound you, as well as the cities and towns located along this 717 mile stretch of highway. Here’s a story about one of those plantations – Houmas House.


MommyMusings recently checked out a Country Inn and Suites by Carlson in Bradenton, Florida. She spent a three night weekend to promote Country Inn’s 1, 2, Freeee special which is available now until May 15. Check out all the details at the Country Inn website and read all about MommyMusings’ experience at one of their properties.

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Did you watch The Masters this weekend? My husband has always wanted to check out this holy place for golfers and see Amen Corner with his own eyes. We did get a chance to check it out, and well, you can read how that adventure turned out!

MommyMusings went to NYC last week for the premier of a new NBC Movie that debuts on April 16th. She spent a night at Dream Hotel NY and shared her experience with us. Also, in case you missed it, ThemeParkMom tells us all about some cool family fun places in Jacksonville, FL.

What plans do you have coming up? Where have you been lately? Be sure to share some of your experiences if you’ve been to any places we’ve written about.

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