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Mama Ran Away to the Spa

The other night I was thinking about how long it’s been since I had really been out of the house. I wanted a change of scenery and just one night of relaxing and not having to worry about feeding the dog, scrounging up change for my daughter to take to school, or looking at dirty dishes.

Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville, Louisiana is less than a two hour drive from my home. I’ve been there a few times with the family and always lusted after the spa. I just never had a chance to check it out. The PR firm that represents the casino has always had an open invitation for me to visit, at my convenience. I took them up on the offer of getting away for a few nights and met them at the casino.

Lucky for me, a spa experience was included. I had the swedish massage, because I didn’t need anything too fancy. They do have a few signature treatments, including the Southern Comfort Massage, Crushed Pearl Facial, and even a 6 1/2 hour Full House package. The spa was much nicer than I expected and gave me a chance to relax.

Paragon Casino Resort has onsite childcare , and arcade for the bigger kids, lots of shops, an indoor heated pool, outdoor pool, golf course, a movie theater, and lots of dining options. Of course, there is a casino, but for those who aren’t into gambling, this Louisiana resort is a great spot for a quick getaway.


Special thanks to Paragon Casino for hosting my relaxing mama getaway.


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