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Cocktails: Tune In Lounge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I enjoy sampling signature cocktails of the destinations, restaurants, and attractions I visit during my travels. Other travelers must enjoy a similar pastime, because our adult beverage posts on TravelingMamas.com seem to be popular with our readers, especially our post on how to find an adult beverage at Disney.

Entrance to 50's Prime Time Cafe

During my visit to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration last month, I took my mom and aunt to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and introduced them to this hidden lounge inside of this Walt Disney World theme park. Tune-In Lounge is located between Hollywood and Vine restaurant and 50′s Prime Time Cafe. It’s a fantastic respite from the crowds and strollers and provides a funky and fun atmosphere to enjoy an adult beverage, or even a non-alcoholic concoction.

This themed lounge is inspired by the 1950′s era dad’s living room. There are avocado green chairs and couches, formica coffee tables, and B&W televisions playing Leave it to Beaver and classic episodes of The Mickey Mouse Club. In the evenings this lounge can get crowded as park guests wait to be seated in 50′s Prime Time Cafe. We visited in the afternoon and found the place pretty empty, even on a Saturday.

Here’s a video of Tune-In Lounge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

Cocktail Menu:

Dad’s Classic Cocktails – Classic cocktails to sip while you lounge, such as a Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, classic martini, margarita, or a Singapore Sling.

Wine – There are 12 wines to choose from on the menu, including varieties of red, white, or sparkling.

Bottled Beer – Domestic brands and a few international beers. There is a non-alcoholic beer available also.

Draft Beer – Currently three on tap: Bud Light, Blue Moon, and Yuengling.

Dad’s Liquor Cabinet – These feature some of my personal favorites and are served with a glowing ice cube: Blue Glowtini, Disney’s Magical Star, Mowie Wowie, Dad’s Electric Lemonade, or Grandma’s Picnic Punch.

Prices: Mixed drinks were $10.25 at the time of our visit and draft beer was $6. Prices vary.

Tip: Visit during off peak times such as during the parades. You can sit at the bar and order off the 50′s Prime Time Cafe menu. They also serve killer milkshakes.

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