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Paradise Beach Club in Cozumel

If you aren’t staying at a beach resort in Cozumel, you can still get the beach time you might be looking for. Cozumel has a number of beach clubs available for day use, with facilities, bars and other amenities. One of the most popular beach clubs is Paradise Beach, which recently added a new pool, boasting one of the biggest pools in Cozumel.

Located in the south end, about five miles from the port terminal, you can expect to spend about $20 each way for a taxi ride. I’ve been there twice, once while it was super busy, and another time when it was virtually deserted.

When Paradise Beach was busy, our small group grabbed some beach chairs under a few palm trees, a bit aways from the water. This was okay with me, because there were lots of kids there that day and I appreciated the quiet corner where we were. I immediately ordered a bucket of beer for our party and an order of guacamole. The total was around $25US.

Bucket of beer and guacamole at Paradise Beach club in Cozumel

I stepped down to the water, and found the beach a bit rocky, but where I stood it was fine. Nearby was an inflatable water playground for kids. The price for unlimited play was $12US per person. There is also a $2 per person chair fee.

I spent the afternoon relaxing in a beach chair before it was time to head back to the cruise terminal. I still had time to make a few purchases, and enjoy one of those cold little bottle Coca-Colas before stepping back onto the ship.

Shannon Hurst Lane in Cozumel enjoying a Coca Cola at the cruise terminal

How to Get There: Take a taxi and ask for rate to get to Paradise Beach.

Website: Paradise Beach

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